These artworks belong to a series that reflect the creative process used by certain composers. As with most works of art, the process starts with an idea, which is further developed and expanded to produce a complete, cohesive whole. The lower works represent the initial  idea—the starting off point, and the upper works represent the completed composition.

Musical Line I & II
Aaron Copland writes that some composers start with a musical idea for a composition. He claims the composer “likes to see the way [this idea] rises and falls, as if it were a drawn line instead of a musical one…[the composer] may even try to retouch/improve it, just as you might in drawing a line.”

Wheels I and Wheels II
These works are inspired by a visual descriptor used by Philip Glass and Aaron Copland in their writing about music. They  both make reference to a metaphor — wheels within wheels or wheels inside wheels —a  compositional device to achieve form, structure and rhythm.

Pioneer I
Copland describes five types of composers in musical history: spontaneous, constructive, traditional, pioneer/experimental, and scientific. The pioneer type explores new harmonies, new sounds and develops new formal principles

Mixed Media. Acrylic/ gypsum/ chalk pastels/ gesso on Masa Dosa handmade Japanese paper.
Two are mounted in one frame. Each image/ paper is 23 x 18 in; framed approx 26 x 40 in.