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Untitled drawing February 2018

Artwork in Progress: February 2018

This drawing is the first of a series inspired by Marjan Mozetich’s compositions. His music is extremely emotional and captivating. He recently had a concert at the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts in Kingston, Ontario. The chosen pieces, the impressive musicians, and the amazing acoustics made for an inspirational evening.

Untitled drawing: Graphite, charcoal, soft pastel on gessoed paper.
44 x 30 in









Free Improvisation II inspired by jazz music

Cube Gallery, Ottawa

This painting belongs to a series of works inspired by jazz and its various forms. This piece is less about depicting free improvisation and more about a structured and organized arrangement—a modal jazz style. Musicians such as John Coltrane and Miles Davies are known for the modal style. Although the painting started in a loose and abstract fashion, formal elements such as shape, line and form crept into the composition.

Free Improvisation II (Modal) and other works from this series can be seen at the Cube Gallery in Ottawa. This is a fabulous contemporary art gallery representing interesting artists in a vibrant area of Ottawa called Wellington West Village. Do pop by and visit Don and Sylvia—they will be happy to show you!

Free Improvisation II (Modal): Impasto technique, Cobra oil paint on wood panel
$980 unframed. ($1200 framed) 24 x 24 in.

For more information, please email lynrapin@gmail.com

Cube Gallery
1285 Wellington St W
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 3A8
Monday: by appointment
Tuesday to Friday: 10:30am – 6pm
Saturday to Sunday: 11am – 5pm

painting inspired by Patrick Watson's Lighthouse

Subjective Expression: January 2018

Watson’s Lighthouse is the first completed painting of a new series that explores a personal intuitive response to impressive musical compositions.

Patrick Watson’s “Lighthouse” is the inspiration for this work.

Composer/writer Aaron Copland illustrates how music is interpreted: “[We] experience basic reactions such as tension and release, density and transparency, a smooth or angry surface, the music swellings and subsiding, its pushing forward or hanging back, its length, its speeds, its thunders and whispering—and a thousand other psychologically based reflections of our physical life of movement and gesture, and our inner, subconscious mental life.”

Abstract art and music — two evocative endeavours.

Watson’s Lighthouse: Mixed media on Arches, 30 x 46 in.